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Event Contacts

Name Event Number
Todd Allio Tractor Pulls 814-755-4930
Gary Henry - Henry's Garage 4 Wheel Drive Truck Pulls - Gas 814-744-9471
David Heller 4 Wheel Drive Truck Pulls - Diesel 570-899-8817 (leave message)
Nikki Byers Fair Exhibits 814-755-4546
Raquel McFarland Fun Horse Show 814-755-3751
Bob Wagner Camping 814-755-4094
Tom Cyphert Demolition Derby/Security 814-744-9366
Marcie McFarland Vendor Registration 814-657-6547  sentintheforest@gmail.com
Chad & Raquel McFarland Equine & Livestock/Youth & Ag 814-755-3751
Joyce Zuck Building & Grounds Rental 814-755-4222

Board of Directors

Name Title Number
Tammy Magness President 814-354-6466
Chad McFarland Vice President 814-755-3751
Ruth Hartzell Treasurer 814-755-4942
Todd Beichner Secretary 814-229-0056
Barb Allio    
Todd Allio    
Jeff Burkett    
Nikki Byers    
Bob Wagner    
Joyce Zuck    
Ray Zuck    
Bernie Baughman Honorary Director