Brunon Blaszak’s Royal Tiger Show

Want an thrilling and educational show for your next event? Then look no further than Brunon Blaszak’s Royal Tiger Show!

Brunon Blaszak is a third generation tiger training and has been performing with Sumatran, Siberian, and Bengal tigers his entire life. He and his mother, Ada Smieya-Blaszak, are fully devoted to preserving these magnificent creatures for many generations to come, and use their incredibly entertaining show for both your excitement and to spread a conservation message about protecting tigers. Internationally-acclaimed, Brunon is helping to ensure that people will continue to love and learn about these beautiful big cats!

Tigers once occupied most of Asia, south into India, China Sumatra, Java, and Bali. Some subspecies of tigers are completely extinct and those that remain are threatened with extinction because of poachers hunting them for their hides. Protected by the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species (CITES), the tiger is a particularly special animal, and Brunon’s expertise in working with them shows in the vast knowledge he gives the audience during the performance!

As a first-class showman, Brunon’s show is fast-paced with thrills, danger, and excitement, on top of the high quality educational value for the whole family! Featuring both Bengal and Siberian tigers, watch these incredible cats walk the tight wire, perform choreographed leaping, and jumping and dancing that will leave you amazed and delighted!

With an eye-catching performance area, bring the “wow” factor to your next event with this crowd-pleasing, media-friendly show!

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